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The Amazon Coastal Observatory, known as OCA, aims to harmonize the economic sector, sustainable development, and society

OCA has been monitoring the Amazon Coastal Zone for over 10 years, sharing environmental data, seeking to involve traditional communities in an observation network through citizen science.

OCA Team

Marcelo Rollnic

Biologist and Ph.D in Oceanography

Marcelo is a researcher from the Amazon Coast and Professor at UFPA. Aquatic in the profession, sport, and leisure. Sailing, Diving, and drinking coffee nourish his ideas. Science enthusiast and encourager of oceanic culture.

Sury Monteiro

Oceanographer and Ph.D in Environmental Oceanography

Sury is a researcher on this complex Amazonian estuarine system. She is passionate about double-exchange relationships where she teaches and learns. It participates in the formation of citizen scientists, as it believes that together it is possible to monitor rivers and oceans, promoting their preservation.

Thaís Borba

Oceanographer and Ph.D in Geophysics

Thaís is an oceanographer, works with coastal dynamics and modeling applied to the Amazonian coastal zone.

Renan Rosário

Oceanographer and Ph.D in Geophysics

Renan is a physical oceanography professor at the Faculty of Oceanography of UFPA. Married and father of an 8-year-old boy, he loves traveling and outdoor activities. He has a love for the ocean and an interest in technology, games, unconventional education, and nonviolent communication. 

Débora Rodrigues

Oceanographer and MS in Geophysics

Débora has a master's degree in geophysics, an oceanographer, and is a sign of Aries. She has a skill with logic and simulation games. She is fascinated by science fiction, mystery, and aliens. She loves to watch the weather forecast and work with numerical modeling.

Carolina Cidon

Oceanographer and MS in Geophysics

Carolina is a researcher native to the Amazon who tries to gradually assimilate the entire dimension of this region. She has an interest in the applicability of the oceanographic world. She believes that everything is easier when you have the next travel destination in mind.

Adriel Carneiro

Oceanographer and MS in Geophysics

Adriel is a researcher, oceanographer, and resident of the Amazon region. Master in geophysics, he is fascinated by nature and the universe is passionate about everything that involves physics. He loves to travel and subjects involving technology, games, and science fiction.

Maurício Costa

Oceanographer and Ph.D in Geophysics

Maurício is an oceanographer, but he also seeks to understand a little of the areas that surround him, especially technological ones. He is a very versatile and multitasking person. He loves igarapés because of their very cold waters and watching anime and movies with his son.

Rafael Aquino

Oceanographer and Ph.D in Geophysics

Rafael works in obtaining and processing chemical data in continental and marine environments in the Amazon. He has already taught biogeochemistry in the Geomedicine specialization course (Ead-IG / UFPA). Passionate by Leicester City Football Club.

Leandro Santana

Oceanographer and MS in Geophysics

Leandro is an oceanographer with a master's in Geophysics at UFPA. He mainly works in the acquisition and processing of oceanographic data. He loves to talk and watch anime. Want to know the world!

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